Starting preschool is a considerable adjustment for both a parent and their child. If you have mixed emotions, just know that it is normal. Your kid also is bound to be overwhelmed with different feelings. Most children are usually curious and excited about growing up while worried about being separated from the parents and venturing into something unfamiliar at the same time. These tips will help you prepare your child for preschool and ensure a smooth transition.

Visit the School

Visiting your child's preschool some days before enrolment is an excellent way to increase your child's confidence and comfort in this unfamiliar setting. Ask the school if you can use their facilities to play around. Meet the preschool teacher as well if they are around. If you notice any worries in your child, it is advisable to talk about it.

Play Dates

It is crucial that your child learns how to get along with other kids before joining preschool. Your child may find activities such as taking turns, sharing and playing cooperatively challenging if they don't spend time with other children. Play dates are a brilliant way to help your kid adapt to being part of a group.

Practice Separation

One of the toughest parts of starting preschool for a child is being separated from their parents. To make this transition more comfortable for them, you can start leaving them under the care of others. Leaving them for short periods under the supervision of friends or grandparents while you go shopping is a good start. Soon enough, they will be comfortable even when you are away for a whole afternoon.

Role Playing

While at home, you can explore the idea of preschool by using pretend play. Take turns being the child, parent and teacher. You can act out the daily routines that are common like saying goodbye to the parents, singing, reading stories, playing outside and even taking naps. This will send a message to your child that preschool is a place where they can learn and have fun.

Practice Self-Help Skills

Some of the skills your kid requires once they start preschool include hanging up their coat, unzipping their jacket, wearing a backpack, unzipping their bag and tying their shoelaces. Formulate a game or a fun way that your child can learn these skills. If your child will be carrying packed lunch, make sure that they can unzip the lunchbox without difficulty.

All that said, overcoming separation anxiety is a gradual process. Ensure that you devote your full attention to your child and address their concerns. Keep it one step at a time and reassure your child at all times.