You have had an amazing time bonding with your child, but now, because of having to go back to work or for whatever other reason, you cannot be with your child all day long.  You must now decide who will look after your child.

When it comes to child care, there are two main options to consider: the more formal child care centre and the informal family or in-home day care. Each has its own pros, and here's a look at the pros associated with formal day care centres.

More opportunities for socialisation

Child care centres have a lot more kids and caregivers than family day cares. The kids will have more of their peers around to socialise with, which has many benefits for their developing minds.

Trained Caregivers

Centre-based child care programs pride themselves in having a trained team of caregivers. The training is usually broad and includes early childhood education, proper child care and training to handle accidents and emergency situations.  

Before enrolling your child in any child care centre, you can check and verify the qualifications and professional credentials of the staff at the facility.

A Structured Environment

Child care centres have a more institutionalised approach to their schedule and activities. Playtime, meal times and everything else run on a schedule. This can be especially beneficial for older kids because they get used to having structures, which will make it easier for them to settle in when they join preschool.

Preparation for school

As mentioned, the staff or at least some of the staff members at child care centres have formal training in early childhood education. These staff members are qualified to teach kinder programs and develop rich curriculums that guarantee better preparedness when the kids join the school. Some child care centres actually have full kindergarten and preschool programs that the kids can join.

Enhanced Security

Many child care centres invest in a video surveillance system. Knowing that the institution is under 24/7 surveillance acts as a deterrent for intruders and other unwanted visitors. In the event of any breach, feeds from the security cameras can help to expedite investigations. This is enough to give you some peace of mind as a parent whenever you drop off your child.

Whether or not a centre-based child care program is what is right for your child is a decision that only you can make. Reviewing these and other pros against the cons will help you make an informed choice.