There are many activities that take place in child care centres. From basic learning to eating and playing, the main purpose of child care is to provide a healthy environment where kids can learn, socialise and develop critical skills that will help them moving forward.

One activity is particularly beneficial to kids in child care, and that is playing team sports. Team sports benefit young children in many ways. The valuable experiences children learn while playing can be applicable inside and outside the classroom for many years to come.

To get an idea, here are 4 ways your child can benefit from playing team sports while at a day care centre.

1. Sports teach your children how to be disciplined.

Each team sport has rules, roles and guidelines. Whether the kids are out on a basketball court, football pitch or rugby pitch, they will learn how to follow the rules of the sport while knowing what their specific roles are. This is important because it forms the early foundations of discipline in children.

By engaging in team sports, kids can learn how to follow specific rules while developing a specific strategy that lies within those rules. For example, kids playing basketball will earn how to dribble the ball without kicking it with their feet.

2. Sports encourage teamwork.

Teamwork has become one of the most important skills in professional tasks. The foundations of teamwork begin at an early age, where children learn how to cooperate with their peers on classroom tasks.

When day care centres encourage children to play sports, they foster an environment where your child learns how to collaborate with others in real time, understands the strengths and weaknesses of other children and responds to people who are different from them in an appropriate manner. 

3. Sports help develop social skills.

Team sports also play an important role in helping your child to develop their social skills. When playing, your child will have to work with a team of his or her peers to achieve a common goal. Sports also immerse your children into a fast-paced environment where they can experience many different emotions.

They may feel disappointed if they lose and motivated to perform better in the future, or they may feel happy that they won. Learning how to deal with these emotions from an early age will help your child to develop critical social skills.

4. Sports keep the kids healthy.

And finally, playing sports keeps your child healthy moving forward. Along with a proper diet and a balanced learning routine, team sports will contribute to a healthy overall lifestyle for your child. 

Talk to your child's carers today to see if they allow the children to participate in team sports.