It's easy to get caught up in the convenience of unhealthy eating habits, especially when you're short on time. But as a parent, it's important to set a good example for your children and help them develop healthy eating habits early on in life. A child care centre can play a big role in promoting healthy eating habits in your little one. Here are a few ways they can do so. 

Offers a Wide Variety of Healthy Foods

There's no doubt that healthy eating habits are important for children of all ages. But with so many unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks available, it can be tough to ensure your little one gets the nutrition they need.

One way to promote healthy eating habits in your child is to enrol them in a childcare centre that offers a variety of healthy food options. By exposing them to nutritious foods early on, you can help them develop a taste for healthy foods that will last a lifetime.

A reputable childcare centre should offer various healthy food options at every meal. For instance, in the mornings, they may serve up fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, and low-fat yogurts. For lunch, your little one can enjoy tiny bites of sandwiches made with whole wheat bread, lean meats, and sides of fruits and vegetables. And in the afternoon, they can have a healthy snack such as pretzels, cheese, veggie sticks, and dip.

A certified childcare centre can help your child develop lifelong healthy eating habits by offering various healthy food options throughout the day.

Makes Mealtimes a Social and Enjoyable Experience

At a childcare centre, mealtimes are typically a social affair, with children sitting together at a table and enjoying meals as a group. This setting can be a great opportunity for your child to learn about different foods and try new things.

Plus, watching others enjoy their food can help to make meal times more enjoyable for your little one. If your child sees mealtimes as a happy and relaxed time where they can chat with friends, they're more likely to develop positive associations with food and nutrition. 

Some ways to make mealtimes a social and enjoyable experience for children include:

  • Encouraging conversation and interaction at the table
  • Playing music during meals
  • Serving food family style
  • Allowing children to help with meal prep

If your child is a fussy eater, you can request your child's care provider to allow your child to sit with a friend who is a good eater. This strategy can help your child see that other children their age are enjoying healthy foods and may encourage them to try new foods.